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Get A Load of This Asshole

Posted: April 20, 2012 by Keith Stone in basketball, NBA
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I know Nets games are about as exciting as going to a Latin Mass but if you’re sitting courtside at any NBA game, how douchey is it to be texting during play? Hey, bro, next time you get tickets, feel free to give them to your buddy, Keith Stone. Of course, the first thing he does after he gets hit is call somebody up. Or maybe this is just what the Nets need. The Knicks have Spike. The Lakers have Jack. The Nets can have Phone Guy getting balls in his face 41 games a season! Next stop, Brooklyn!

P.S.: For sure Clyde loved the fact that this dick got hit in the head. Phoning and moaning!

A Note To Knicks Fans

Posted: January 9, 2012 by Keith Stone in NBA
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I never boo my guys. I know that they’re not always giving it their all and that sucks. I’ll yell. I’ll yell at them to run faster or pass the ball. I honestly like most of the players on the teams I root for, but I don’t like all of them. It still doesn’t stop me from cheering for them because they’re on my team. It’s just a personal choice. If you booed the Marbury/Curry-era Knicks, I don’t have a problem with it. They sucked and their effort and skill was less than stellar.

However, as a fan, you have to realize that booing doesn’t help your team. If you’re doing a Powerpoint at work and it sucks so you’re trying to fix it, do you think it would help if somebody was booing you WHILE you were working. Look, I know this is New York and this is a demanding town, but chill out with the early booing. Yeah, the Knicks played horribly against Toronto and Charlotte but if you really want the team to win, don’t fucking boo. I hate it.

And leave Toney Douglas alone. He’s a third-year guy and was picked 29th in the draft. What do you expect from him? He’s making about 1/20 of the salary as Carmelo Anthony. Its not like he’s a high-priced free agent that isn’t living up to his contract. He’s a kid that was thrust into the starting lineup but only because there was literally nobody else. Shumpert and Bibby might take his spot for now but don’t boo Toney Douglas because he misses a wide open three or dribbles the ball off his foot. And if you cheer louder than usual when he comes out, it’s still a slap in the face. Mistakes happen and the lockout didn’t help anybody, much less a young guy given a vast new responsibility. If you think he’s dogging it, then sure, give him shit. Otherwise, leave him alone.

The Winter Classic was a success, referee controversy aside, as the spectacle was a sight to see for all hockey fans. However after the game, while going for celebratory cheesesteaks, a pair of Rangers fan buddies got into a conflict with a pack of Flyers fans. As a victorious visitor in enemy territory, you have to expect that you’re going to take a little shit. Apparently, the locals got a homeless guy who was washing windows to spray a little something on the Blueshirters. They obviously didn’t take well to it and that’s when things escalated. It was a Flyers fan who threw the first punch.

I’m all for shit-talking. When somebody wears rival colors in New York, I’m going to say something. But if it’s right after a loss, you take your medicine and keep your mouth shut. There’s no shit-talking after a loss. And yes, there are laws in America, even in Philadelphia. You can’t put your hands on somebody. OK, maybe you had a couple drinks and the Rangers fan said something about your mama. Fine. Once you and your posse get the guy, you can’t keep hitting him. That’s a coward’s move but I’m not surprised it happened in Philly. Then, it turns out that one of the Rangers fans is an off-duty cop and Iraq vet. He’s in the hospital.

Philly fans, babies, you can call yourself passionate all you want but you can’t fool me. You’re classless scumbags. Every time it seems like you bottom out, you sink even further. Booing Santa Claus. Vomiting on a kid. Booing Michael Irvin with a serious neck injury. Whoring yourself for World Series tickets. Booing Snooki. NOBODY BOOS SNOOKI. You can take your fourth-grade education and Rocky Balboa and shove it up your ass. The problem is you guys seem to enjoy causing trouble. You relish being the bad boy. In New York, we know what’s up. You can have your reputation, we’ll take the W’s. Until then, you’re a jabroni, brother.