>A Party In a Body

Posted: January 14, 2011 by Keith Stone in Uncategorized


Jersey Shore is one of the most contrived shows in television and I love every second of it.  I don’t care if every episode is exactly the same and they’re terrible people.  It’s like getting back with your old friends.  Even if they’re scumbags, it’s a ton of fun.  Deena brings something to the table.  She’s like a cuter Snooki.  Like the Situation said, stripping down in the first episode definitely has her on track to be Rookie of the Year.  Sweetheart-Jwoww II wasn’t quite Balboa-Creed II but it was better than any heavyweight fight there’s been in a while.

The second episode was a little slower.  It had its moments.  Sitch trying to pull a robbery on Vinny’s girl and DJ Pauly D mispronouncing “filet mignon” were my highlights.  I always enjoy seeing the crowds form around them as they’re walking on the boardwalk as well.  As much as I love the show, though, the problem is that they’re stretching it out into too many episodes.  Ronnie and Sammi need to come to resolution on their relationship soon.  I’ve always defended Sammi.  I think she’s the hottest of the girls.  I’d hook up with all of them.  Even Snooki.  Especially Snooki.  Sammi is just so boring.  All she wants to do is lie in bed and ask Ronnie, “What would you do in my situation?”  Go to the beach!  If I was making $50,000 to have some cameras follow me around, I’d have some fun and go to the beach.  I’m just not interested in them if they’re going to mope all day.  Replace Sammi with a cute blonde guidette and ban any of the cast mates from dating.  BOOM.  Ronnie needs to dance and start trouble again.  This show could go on for 20 years and I would watch every episode.

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