>Evgeni Nabokov Wants Octopus, Not Fishsticks

Posted: January 27, 2011 by Keith Stone in Uncategorized


Evgeni Nabokov recently left his hockey team in Russia and turned his back on a $24 million contract to return to the NHL.  He signed a 1-year contract with the Red Wings but had to clear waivers first.  Islanders GM and former “star” goalie Garth Snow needed a netminder after backup Nathan Lawson hurt his knee on Friday, so he claimed Nabokov.  The only problem is that the Isles are the laughingstock of the NHL, so Nabokov refused to report to the team and was subsequently suspended for the season.  Not only that, but when Snow called Nabokov to inform him of the transaction, Nabokov hung up the phone.  Tres embarrassing.  You can say all you want about athletes being spoiled and having too much power, but I love it.  Who would want to play for a bad team with incompetent management that hemorrhages money and has the ugliest fans in the league?  And didn’t they sign Rick DiPietro to that 15-year contract?  How’s that working out?  On the plus side, Long Island girls are pretty slutty, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that he’s going to the 14th place team in the Eastern Conference.  We can all hope that the end result in all of this is that Gary Bettman realizes that Long Island is not a good place for a hockey team and moves the Islanders to Winnipeg or Quebec City.


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