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Posted: February 15, 2011 by Keith Stone in Justin Bieber, Twitter


It’s a slow news day, so I decided to check out Twitter and see what the cool kids were talking about in The Greatest City in the World. In another sign of the downfall of society, Justin Bieber’s recent Grammy loss to Esperanza Spalding was part of 4 of the top 8 trends. It was two days ago! PLAY WITH YOUR HELLO KITTY STICKERS ALREADY AND GET OVER IT! I know teenage girls are passionate but this is crazy. Maybe this is why I never had a girlfriend in middle school. I wish we could harness this energy and use it when the Knicks play the Celtics (as long as the Biebs doesn’t show up at the Garden.) Justin Bieber is more unstoppable than Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. As for now, we are left with gems like these:

@JDBieberSpark: RT this if you’re #proudofjustin NO MATTER WHAT. ❤
@DreamandBeliebe: JUSTIN WON !!! @justinbieber Your always a winner to us. 😉
@TechnoBieber: Esperanza Spalding, go make 3 albums, write a book, finish a tour, be in your own movie, all in one year and all at 16. Then hit me up.

I will now drink paint thinner.

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