>Sports Show With Norm MacDonald

Posted: April 14, 2011 by Keith Stone in Norm MacDonald, TV


Sports Show With Norm MacDonald on Comedy Central is basically Norm MacDonald doing Weekend Update but with only sports stories. In other words, it’s awesome. Norm is irreverent, hilarious, and tells it like it is. Dude cuts through the BS and isn’t afraid about breaking a few eggs, whether he’s making fun of Tiger Woods or Barry Bonds’s testicles. The show goes pretty quickly and is great for sports fans and non-sports fans alike. It’s a phenomenal recap of the lighter side of the week of sports. I like Norm because he’s mean but he’s only mean to the people that really deserve it. I never knew he was into sports but he knows his stuff. It definitely tops Sports Soup. If you’re a fan or just want to be, Sports Show is a must-see.

3 out of 4 shots

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