Why Is A-Rod Still Hanging Out With This Guy?

Posted: June 8, 2011 by Keith Stone in Alex Rodriguez, baseball, MLB, Yankees

When Alex Rodriguez revealed that he had been using steroids, he said that his cousin Yuri Sucart had been supplying and injecting him. You would think that Cousin Yuri would be excommunicated from A-Rod’s life except for maybe Thanksgiving. Nope. Major League Baseball recently launched an investigation concerning Cousin Yuri’s sudden reappearance on the Yankees’ west coast swing. Luckily, the slugger was exonerated because Cousin Yuri is still allowed in public areas (aren’t we all?)

However, this raises an interesting question. Why is A-Rod still spending time with Cousin Yuri? Not only that but why is Cousin Yuri coming on road trips? Assuming he’s not a complete idiot and hasn’t resumed taking steroids, there is no need for Cousin Yuri to be hanging around the Yankees. Cousin Yuri tainted A-Rod’s baseball career SO KEEP HIM AWAY FROM THE BALLPARK!!!! Go out to dinner with him. Pay for his kids to go to college. Anything else.

But please, the Yankees are finally playing well. The last thing we need is controversy or suspicion, especially with Boston and all their ugly, ignorant fans coming into town and A-Rod nearing the all-time home run record. It’s not that A-Rod is stupid, he’s just supremely unaware. Maybe it helps him hit home runs, but somebody needs to keep A-Rod from continuously being in the news for the wrong reasons.

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