Derek Jeter Can Do Whatever the Hell He Wants

Posted: July 12, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, Derek Jeter, MLB, Yankees

I’m watching the All-Star Game and they won’t stop talking about Derek Jeter not being there. Just being there. He wasn’t even going to play because of his calf injury. People literally just want him to show up and wave to the crowd. I understand that it would be nice for the entire league to celebrate the accomplishment of reaching 3,000 hits but he rushed his way back and played in every game in order to get there at Yankee Stadium. He needs some rest for the when the games really count. Let Jeter go to Miami and hit the beach with Minka.

Everyone treats the All-Star Game as some otherwordly event but it’s such a farce. And why is home-field advantage in the World Series still determined by the winner? Nobody plays hard. The game is being played in Phoenix. If it was at Wrigley or something special was happening, that’d be a different story. For a old guy like Jeter, the rest is more rewarding than the adulation.

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