Six-Pack Challenge Recap

Posted: December 31, 2012 by Keith Stone in football, NFL
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It’s all over folks! The 2012 NFL regular season, as quickly as it came in, is done, and with it the Six-Pack Challenge. And the final results are…

Stone: 59-43 (57.8%)
DP Animal: 54-48 (52.9%)
Rory: 54-48 (52.9%)
DRK: 51-51 (50.0%)
Phanatic: 51-51 (50.0%)
Slumdeezy: 50-52 (49.0%)

That’s right! For the second year in a row, Mr. Stone is your picks king. Albeit with a smaller sample size than 2011, my picks were actually more accurate than last year. Checking the competition, DP and Rory did a decent job and made it out a little ahead, DRK and Phanatic have the predictive capability of a flipped coin or baboon, while unfortunately for Slumdeezy, he was actually forced to sell his shoes to pay off his gambling losses. Not that walking around shoeless in casinos is all that bad. Just remember, if you lost all your money in the regular season, you can simply double down for the playoffs. There’s no way it can go wrong!

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