6-Month, 30,000-Hit Extravaganza Tomorrow!

Posted: July 21, 2011 by Keith Stone in 6-Month 30000-Hit Extravaganza, Kate Upton, Suite

It hit the mid 90’s today in New York and tomorrow is supposed to be worse. Cool down with Keith Stone and Kate Upton* at the Suite 6-Month, 30,000-Hit Extravaganza at Three Sheets Saloon. The beer’s on me, or at least the first few pitchers (you think I’m made of money or something?). Come get drunk, watch the Yanks game, and learn how to Dougie.

*Guests subject to change

Rainman Suite 6-Month, 30,000-Hit Extravaganza
Friday, July 22 6:30-10:30
Three Sheets Saloon
134 W. 3rd St., NY, NY

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