Classic Video of the Week: Do the Urkel

Posted: August 12, 2011 by Keith Stone in Steve Urkel, videos

When I was in high school, we always had rooftop parties where people spontaneously broke out into choreographed dances. My father, Carl Winslow, was a cop in Chicago and also starred in Die Hard. OK, none of that is true but I can honestly remember watching this episode of Family Matters and trying to mimic all the dance steps.

Kids today don’t realize how popular Steve Urkel was back then. I could watch Urkel break stuff all day. In fact, I can’t remember another TV character as popular since then and yet Urkel and Family Matters still feels forgotten. It was a great, funny show with heart, at least for the first few seasons until it got too gimmicky.

And I hope Jaleel White still has a ton of money and got a ton of ass. The kid is talented. He deserves it. And he can ball, even when he’s wearing suspenders.

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