BOSTON SUCKS Day Is A Huge Success

Posted: September 2, 2011 by Keith Stone in BOSTON SUCKS, New England Patriots, Sox

Once again, those idiots in Boston have to hang their heads in shame for coming up short against New York. Leave those pink hats at home today people because the Yanks and Giants rocked your ass. I’m sure you’re crying in your chowdah and saying to yourself, “It’s all gonna be OK. We’re still in first place.”

Well, it’s not. A.J. Burnett is back in business, Jesus Montero is going to be Shane Spencer Part Deux, and it doesn’t fucking matter if you win the season series or beat CC three times. We’re the Yankees. You think Derek Jeter is freaking out because you won 11 out of 15 against us? He’s got five rings and is literally hooking up with more hot chicks than there are in the City of Boston. Beanheads, you are fucked. And hey Belichick, gotta work on that fake punt defense.

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