King of All Pimps Blames Legal Woes On Billy Ray Cyrus

Posted: September 15, 2011 by Keith Stone in Billy Ray Cyrus, crime and punishment, Jason Itzler, sluts

The “King of All Pimps” Jason Itzler was recently arrested again for, well, being a pimp. In court, he blamed the mess on one man: Billy Ray Cyrus. Who else? Itzler told the judge, “I sent a companion, a non-sexual companion — a baby sitter, not a prostitute — to Billy Ray Cyrus, who was staying at the Trump International Hotel…They decided in front of me to get and use heroin for the first time in their life. He wanted to die!”

The King believes he was only arrested because Disney wanted to keep everything clean. Billy Ray is, of course, Miley’s dad. Needless to say, the court and prosecutors were not impressed, especially since the john was only a man who looked like Billy Ray Cyrus. Good effort, though. There’s nothing like the old Billy Ray Cyrus excuse to bail you out of trouble. Credit card bill overdue? Can’t pay it, Billy Ray Cyrus stole my money to buy heroin. Public intoxication? I’m so stressed out about my friend Billy Ray Cyrus doing heroin. And so on.

NY Post

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