The Giants Better Not Lose Monday

Posted: September 15, 2011 by Keith Stone in football, NFL, St. Louis Rams, the fans

The St. Louis Rams created a video teaching their fans how to cheer. It’s almost as embarrassing as the Miami Heat’s Fan Up campaign last year. The Rams’ video includes five classic rules such as “on third down…make some noise” and “leading up to kickoff, let’s slow clap it out.” They did, however, managed to leave a few out including:

Ram Rule #6: When the Rams score a touchdown, cheer
Ram Rule #7: If you need to urinate, go to the bathroom

The Rams won the Super Bowl like 10 years ago. It’s not like this is an expansion team or something. If your fans don’t know what to do during a game, then I’m sorry but you shouldn’t have a team. How long until that stadium in Los Angeles is built?


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