I Hope He Doesn’t Bring His Guitar Case To Work

Posted: September 29, 2011 by Keith Stone in basketball, Delonte West, NBA, NBA lockout, ridiculous

The Celtics’ Delonte West is a man of the people. Unlike others, he’s trying to stay out of trouble during the NBA lockout and even earn a little extra money to take his girl Gloria out to dinner. Delonte recently went down to his local Regency Furniture and submitted a fine (mostly-filled) job application to work in the stock room. How do we know? Because he tweeted it. And so what if he was convicted of a crime? It was just a misunderstanding. “Sorry officer, I didn’t know I can’t ride around on my motorcycle with a couple sawed-off shotguns.” Happens to me all time. In fact, Delonte’s application is so good I’m willing to hire him here in The Suite. I’ll even double his pay to $12 an hour.

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