Just Another Week In Philly

Posted: September 29, 2011 by Keith Stone in media, Philly sucks

So after the Giants humiliated the Dream Team on Sunday and Mike Vick cried in front of everybody about getting hit too much, Wayne Simmonds called Sean Avery a fag in Monday night’s exhibition game between the Flyers and Rangers. I’m sure in Philadelphia, people use the word “fag” in everyday conversation but we don’t tolerate it here in New York. Like I’ve said before, The Suite is very gay-friendly.

Then yesterday, two football writers from the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News came to blows in the media room at the Eagles training facility. Apparently, both papers are owned by the same company, which is offering buyouts, so the pressure is high. When one of the writers wrote on Tuesday that Vick would play, the other one tweeted and criticized him for doing it so early in the week. The tweets went back and forth and eventually culminated in punches being thrown yesterday. Where’s the brotherly love? Oh, people of Philadelphia, you make me laugh so much. Too bad we can’t see a throwdown bewteen Mike Lupica and Peter Vescey.


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