Sunday’s Highlights

Posted: October 3, 2011 by Keith Stone in football, NFL

It was a wild slate of games in the NFL yesterday. So much action my brain feels like it’s about to explode. I have literally spent hours scouring game film, recaps, and scouting reports to find you the greatest moments of Week 4. And by golly, I think I did it.

What happens when the last place Dream Team gets it within the 5-yard line? Do they let the dynamic Michael Vick take it himself? Do they hand off to one of the league’s best rushers LeSean “Lady Gaga” McCoy? No! To make everyone feel like a special part of the team, they usually let one of the below-average options run it in. Enter Ronnie Brown. After Brown is stuffed on third down, he tries to keep the play alive by passing the ball to, well, anybody. The only problem is that when you pass it backwards, it’s still a live ball. You saw it here first, kids. When you’re about to be tackled the best thing you could do is fling the ball wildly in the air, especially when you’re within field goal range. It’s a good thing the Dream Team demolished the 49ers. What’s that? They lost by 1?

From the agony of defeat, we head now to the thrill of victory. After scoring a touchdown to secure a Bears’ victory over the Panthers, Marion Barber (the third) celebrates like he just won the gold medal in the floor exercise. There’s really no place in football for flips unless it’s a tight end getting cut down at the legs by a 120-pound D-back.

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