WEEK 70 – Card Sharks

Posted: October 3, 2011 by Keith Stone in 2011 Giants, football, Giants, NFL

Giants 31, Cardinals 27

“It hurts because we thought it was a fumble and it should be our ball, and then we probably win the game. Then you get caught up in the emotion and they line up and throw a deep ball. They took advantage of our emotions.”Calais Campbell

I was at the Yankees game and still reeling from the failed ninth inning comeback when I got to the Yankee Tavern as the Giants were down 10 with a few minutes left. I watched the rest of the game with the sound off. I may watch every game with the sound off from now on. It honestly doesn’t seem like anything happened in the first 55 minutes of the game. From what I can gather, Beanie Wells ran amok and the Giants used their same old conservative offensive gameplan. When they open things up, good things happen. Jake Ballard made an amazing catch in the end of the end zone (about five feet away from where Plaxico won the World Title) and Nicks is fucking unstoppable if he can get the ball in stride.

Of course, the play everyone is going to talk about is Cruz’s “fumble.” Honestly, I agreed with the refs. He made no effort to continue to get yardage. He gave himself up. End of story. Sure, it was stupid for him to take his hands off the ball and I wouldn’t have been surprised if the refs ruled the other way. But they didn’t and the Giants proved they can still win close games. And one more thing, Osi’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

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