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WEEK 82 – Kings of New York

Posted: December 25, 2011 by Keith Stone in 2011 Giants, football, Giants, Jets, NFL

Giants 29, Jets 14

The Giants do not make anything easy, but I’ll take it. This game wasn’t so much about the bragging rights but making it to WEEK 17. With that said, SUCK IT REX YOU DISRESPECTFUL FAT BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!! Could this game have gone any worse for the Jets? They played about just as well as the Giants but looking at the final score, you wouldn’t have thought it was close. The Giants made all the big plays and for all his bluster, Rex Ryan came out with a horrible game plan. Sanchez wasn’t doing anything so why have him throw when you’re down by 3? He was really, really bad. I catch parts of Jets games sometimes and I know he sucks, but he was horrible. Statistically, Eli was about even but all anyone is going to talk about is that 99-yard TD, which was pretty much all Victor Cruz. And how about Victor Cruz? What did the Jets ever do to him? He went for 3 TD’s against them in the preseason last year and now the longest pass play in Giants’ history. Cruz has to be the MVP of the season, right? He came out of nowhere to solidify the passing game and has made big plays in big spots all season. And to think, he was on his mom’s health insurance during the lockout to save money. I don’t think he’s going to have to worry about that anymore.

Again, I wasn’t a huge fan of Gilbride’s playcalling. Hakeem Nicks was stuck on Pass Interference Island and the Jets secondary shut down the other receivers for the most part, so why not run the ball more? Also, Bradshaw and Jacobs need to run straight ahead. When they go to the outside, it seems like they’re always stopped before the line of scrimmage. If they run into the line, at least they’ll pick up a few yards. Of course, after recovering that fumble in the end zone to seemingly extinguish the Jets’ chances, a pass play was inexplicably called that was promptly intercepted. The offensive line looked shaky at first but held together. This Baas situation is tricky. I feel like they play better without him but he was the big free agent signing in the offseason. I don’t know if he sucks or is just trying to play through injury but I hope he has a short leash next week.

See kids, the moral of the story is when you talk shit, you might fall face first in a pile of it. The Jets are a very good team. Their real downfall is Sanchez. If they had a somewhat competent quarterback (think Matt Ryan), they should be competing for the 1-seed in the AFC. They had a chance to make a game-winning drive from the 50-yard line and they couldn’t even get a first down. Why does their coach publicly guarantee a Super Bowl victory seemingly every time he opens his fat mouth?

Here’s the secret, Rex: it only makes the other teams want to beat you more. The added pressure isn’t a good thing for a young QB that likes to throw the ball when the receivers aren’t looking. Now the entire city is taking shots at you, especially our own loudmouth, Brandon Jacobs, and there’s nothing you could do about it. You’re not the headline, you’re the punchline. The Jets are on the way, way outside looking in and you’re still talking your bluster, saying you’d play the Giants anytime, any place. You’ll have your shot in 2015, big boy. Giants Stadium.

Talk Is Cheap

Posted: December 24, 2011 by Keith Stone in football, Giants, Jets, Joe Namath, NFL

After both teams turned in pathetic performances last week, you’d figure the Giants and the Jets wouldn’t worry too much about the trash talking and concentrate on what’s going down on the field. For the most part, that’s been true. There’s been a little, “We’re classier,” “Our fans are better,” “Revis is overrated,” “I can’t wait to shoot my former team in the leg” talk but it’s been pretty subdued.

The only thing that bothers me is that Joe Namath got involved and is telling everyone the Jets are going to win 27-16. What does Joe Namath have to do with the 2011 Jets? Shut up, Joe. Shouldn’t you be in rehab or embarrassing yourself on national television? Rex Ryan is the biggest loudmouth of them all and even he’s sick of your yapping. You don’t see Frank Gifford talking about the Giants-Jets game. He’s busy slapping around Kathy Lee. The fact of the matter is that this game is important because both teams are on the brink of missing the playoffs. I couldn’t care less about bragging rights. Talk is cheap. Play the game.

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WEEK 81 – Final Destination

Posted: December 18, 2011 by Keith Stone in 2011 Giants, Deadskins, football, Giants, NFL

Redskins 23, Giants 10

I think this Giants season is going to kill me. I really do. When they were down 17-0, I felt like I wanted to start sobbing because this season has been so fucking frustrating and just when it seems like they’ve turned the corner, they lay this shitbomb against Washington. The fucking Redskins! Rex Grossman looked like Joe Montana out there. I know the team is banged up but they just didn’t execute. If it’s third-and-long and they throw a short pass, you have to make a tackle. And I love Hakeem Nicks, but he dropped two touchdowns. You can’t do that at the beginning of the game because it sets a negative tone and then Eli doesn’t want to throw deep anymore.

The game was way too similar to too many of the Giants’ losses this year, which I thought we were finished with after the Cowboys game. They have a seemingly inferior opponent and are content to let them hang around until it’s too late. Rex Grossman was the quarterback. Blitz the shit out of him! He didn’t do anything when the Giants brought pressure but more times than none they send four guys or even three. On the offense, there were some deep passes but once the team got behind, they really should have been throwing. Hey, Kevin Gilbride, ever hear of a play-action? Just because a team is worse doesn’t mean you can’t bring the heat.

The funny thing is the Giants still had a shot to win it yesterday. Then Manningham runs a stupid route and Eli gets picked off. Still they get the ball back to the goal line but nobody can hold onto a pass. It seemed like no matter what the Giants just weren’t winning the game. It sucks but it’s only one game and sometimes they happen. You just gotta write it off.

And so the season takes another wild turn and I’m one step closer to seeing a cardiologist. Who knows how the Jets are going to look. They played horribly yesterday but obviously they’re going to come out with something to prove next week. It’s probably going to be a low scoring game, but with Sanchez at quarterback, I’d like to see the Giants keep him on his toes. As bad as the Redskins game was, with everything that’s happened this season, I still think the Giants are going to make it to that last game against the Cowboys. It seems like the fates would have it no other way.

WEEK 80 – Cold As Ice

Posted: December 11, 2011 by Keith Stone in 2011 Giants, Cowgirls, football, Giants, NFL

Giants 37, Cowboys 34

Hold on, give me a second…


OK, all better. I mean, talk about snatching a victory away from the jaws of defeat. I’m the most optimistic fan alive but after that last Cowboys touchdown, I was already thinking about next year. Then, Eli leads a quick drive down the field. Hey, we may have a chance. Then, Romo to Austin and he has a touchdown but he loses it in the lights!!! Talk about Tebow having divine intervention. From there, it was a bad punt, the Cowboys’ silly penalties, and clutch play from Eli and the gang, and the Giants were doing their best Jason Voorhees impression.

But you know nothing is ever easy with the Giants. I’m in pretty good shape, but in like eight of the Giants’ games this year, I’ve felt like I’m going to pass out from the pressure. Romo gets the Cowboys in field goal position and it looks like this thing is headed to overtime. But wait, Tom Coughlin takes a timeout that would make Zack Morris proud. And then, JPP and his six-foot arms seal the deal!!! I’ve been a Giants fan for about 15 years and besides Super Bowl XLII and maybe WEEK 17 in 2002 to clinch a playoff berth over the Eagles in overtime, this was the best win I’ve seen.

Yeah, they blew a ton of winnable games earlier in the season but fuck if this isn’t exciting. You really can’t say enough about Eli Manning so I won’t. People can make fun of the way he looks or talks but he’s a guy I want on my team. Jacobs came out ready to run. Every week Tom Coughlin should plant something derogatory the other team said about him. Not having Bradshaw was tough but it’s hard to comment not knowing the specifics. That’s the way Coughlin runs this team and there are both positives and negatives that stem from it. Nicks finally emerged as a dominant Plaxico-like receiver and Cruz and Manningham both did their thing. The O-line also seems to have solidified with the new guys taking over. Maybe Baas and Beatty were banged up or maybe they just suck. The playcalling again was conservative as well. Why can’t we play like there’s two minutes left in the game every drive?

Of course, the defense struggled and even looked terrible at times. Cowboys receivers were consistently able to get behind defenders in the secondary and Felix Jones ran for 100 yards even after DeMarco Murray left the game. JPP is unbelievable, though. He gets to the quarterback, stuffs the run, and makes plays in the open field. Who else has a safety and the game-winning field goal block in the same game? And he’s still learning how to play! I’m excited to see him progress in the next few years.

There’s a lot of improving to do but for now the Giants are alive and well in first place in the NFC East. Like I’ve said before, I think the Giants are better than the Cowboys, not much better, but after winning in Dallas, they deserve to be where they are. In all likelihood, the division will come down to the last game at Giants Stadium. The only thing I know is that it’s going to be unpredictable. Let’s just hope Ahmad Bradshaw makes curfew.

I’m so sick of all this Giants’ second half collapse bullshit. This team has been hit by so many injuries, the fact that they’re 6-6 right now is an accomplishment. I don’t know why but for the past three seasons, their schedule has been signifianctly harder at the end of the season. It’s not like the falling leaves make Eli Manning wistful for the South while Tom Coughlin suffers from seasonal affective disorder. If anyone needs to be fired, it’s the guy who makes the schedule. We could play a good team in the first half of the season every once in a while. The Giants have had some indefensible no shows over the years but I’m tired of the jokes and calls for bloodshed. Four years ago, they had they greatest run to end the season of ALL-TIME!!! Tom Coughlin is a World Champion coach. He can leave when he wants, not because his shorthanded team lost to the last two Super Bowl Champs. I think the Giants are better than the Cowboys. Now that the team is finally get a little healthy, they can finally start shutting up all the naysayers tonight. Onto the picks!

Stone: Colts

Slumdeezy: Ravens

Rory: Ravens

DP Animal: Colts

Phanatic: Colts
I actually kind of sort of think maybe slash want it to be their week this week.  Or if not I hope they at least beat the spread.

Stone: Texans
The Bengals haven’t had a good game in four weeks.

Slumdeezy: Texans

Rory: Bengals

DP Animal: Bengals

Phanatic: Bengals


WEEK 79 – How Gilbride Got His Groove Back

Posted: December 4, 2011 by Keith Stone in 2011 Giants, football, Giants, NFL

Packers 38, Giants 35

I don’t want to do the whole “I told you so” thing, but I’ve been saying all year that the Giants need to stop being so conservative and take some chances on both offense and defense. They finally did, and I thought outplayed the Packers and should have won. The refs blew the call on the Greg Jennings touchdown. It was an abysmal call and the four extra points were the difference in the game.

Eli is a great quarterback. He’s not perfect. He still makes mistakes. I just haven’t understood why they’ve put the reins on him all year. They finally opened it up and got that great play by Beckum and lots of other long passes. It also opened up the run game. Bradshaw did as good as can be expected with a broken foot and Jacobs was moving the ball. If anything, I would have liked to see more Jacobs at the end of the game. The O-line held up fairly well considering all the changes as well.

The Giants’ front four was finally able to get some pressure. There seemed to be more blitzes and it kept Rodgers on his toes. They need to work on making sure the quarterback doesn’t run around, though. Considering all the points the Packers scored, I thought the D played pretty well but that last minute drive was horrible. The Packers marched down the field without even breaking a sweat. You have to get the game into overtime.

So the Giants finally looked like a real team again. Getting Bradshaw back was a huge factor, as well as Michael Boley. The injuries need to stop. Every game is now a must-win. Luckily every team ahead of them lost, but the only two games that matter are the Cowboys games. The division is going to come down to that, just like it should.

WEEK 78 – Play With Fire

Posted: November 29, 2011 by Keith Stone in 2011 Giants, football, Giants, New Orleans Saints, NFL

Saints 49, Giants 24

A big part of the Giants’ decline has been injuries. There’s no denying that. With a full squad, they play a much more competitive game last night. At the same time, they’ve failed to adequately adapt, both personnel wise and mentally. I don’t want to rehash last night’s game because it was ugly. The Saints are an offensive juggernaut and a smart team on top of it, so I knew the Giants’ weaknesses would be exploited, and they were. A lot.

The defensive line, once their biggest strength, again failed to make any headway, and the playcalling was again too conservative. The Giants won the Super Bowl and stopped the greatest offense of all-time not by playing perfect coverage but by bringing different types of blitzes. When you do that, it doesn’t matter how good the quarterback is or how banged up your secondary is, you’re not going to let the offense get into a flow like they did last night and the past few games.

On the O side, it was again the same story. Brandon Jacobs ran a little better but he still goes side-to-side way too much. When he barrels into the line, he’s going to pick up a few yards no matter what. When he goes to the sidelines, he doesn’t have the same effect. Even when all he does is hit the other players on defense hard, it softens them up for future plays.

Still, the Giants were content to go with their standard running game and 10- to 20-yard pass plays. I know they were shorthanded but it’s so easy for the defense when you don’t spread the field with a big play every once in a while. The one time they did, Cruz got open and scored a big touchdown. That first interception was also a killer. Eli made a decent throw but it was a bit short, Ballard mistimed his jump, and the defender made a great play. When you blow a touchdown that early, it sets a bad tone for the rest of the game. The Packers are next and while it would be safe to assume the game will be similar to this one, hopefully the Giants will be more freewheeling and play to win instead of not to lose.