WEEK 82 – Kings of New York

Posted: December 25, 2011 by Keith Stone in 2011 Giants, football, Giants, Jets, NFL

Giants 29, Jets 14

The Giants do not make anything easy, but I’ll take it. This game wasn’t so much about the bragging rights but making it to WEEK 17. With that said, SUCK IT REX YOU DISRESPECTFUL FAT BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!! Could this game have gone any worse for the Jets? They played about just as well as the Giants but looking at the final score, you wouldn’t have thought it was close. The Giants made all the big plays and for all his bluster, Rex Ryan came out with a horrible game plan. Sanchez wasn’t doing anything so why have him throw when you’re down by 3? He was really, really bad. I catch parts of Jets games sometimes and I know he sucks, but he was horrible. Statistically, Eli was about even but all anyone is going to talk about is that 99-yard TD, which was pretty much all Victor Cruz. And how about Victor Cruz? What did the Jets ever do to him? He went for 3 TD’s against them in the preseason last year and now the longest pass play in Giants’ history. Cruz has to be the MVP of the season, right? He came out of nowhere to solidify the passing game and has made big plays in big spots all season. And to think, he was on his mom’s health insurance during the lockout to save money. I don’t think he’s going to have to worry about that anymore.

Again, I wasn’t a huge fan of Gilbride’s playcalling. Hakeem Nicks was stuck on Pass Interference Island and the Jets secondary shut down the other receivers for the most part, so why not run the ball more? Also, Bradshaw and Jacobs need to run straight ahead. When they go to the outside, it seems like they’re always stopped before the line of scrimmage. If they run into the line, at least they’ll pick up a few yards. Of course, after recovering that fumble in the end zone to seemingly extinguish the Jets’ chances, a pass play was inexplicably called that was promptly intercepted. The offensive line looked shaky at first but held together. This Baas situation is tricky. I feel like they play better without him but he was the big free agent signing in the offseason. I don’t know if he sucks or is just trying to play through injury but I hope he has a short leash next week.

See kids, the moral of the story is when you talk shit, you might fall face first in a pile of it. The Jets are a very good team. Their real downfall is Sanchez. If they had a somewhat competent quarterback (think Matt Ryan), they should be competing for the 1-seed in the AFC. They had a chance to make a game-winning drive from the 50-yard line and they couldn’t even get a first down. Why does their coach publicly guarantee a Super Bowl victory seemingly every time he opens his fat mouth?

Here’s the secret, Rex: it only makes the other teams want to beat you more. The added pressure isn’t a good thing for a young QB that likes to throw the ball when the receivers aren’t looking. Now the entire city is taking shots at you, especially our own loudmouth, Brandon Jacobs, and there’s nothing you could do about it. You’re not the headline, you’re the punchline. The Jets are on the way, way outside looking in and you’re still talking your bluster, saying you’d play the Giants anytime, any place. You’ll have your shot in 2015, big boy. Giants Stadium.

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