WEEK 76 – Go For It

Posted: November 14, 2011 by Keith Stone in 2011 Giants, football, Giants, NFL, San Francisco 49ers

49ers 27, Giants 20

The problem with having every game come down to the last drive is that you never know when somebody’s going to get their hand up and knock a pass down on fourth down. The Giants played well. So did the 49ers. I thought they were very evenly matched but San Fran was willing to pull out all the stops to get a W. The Niners had that perfect onsides kick while the Giants couldn’t convert either of their first two drives from inside the 10.

It’s been a reoccurring problem all season. The play calling is just too conservative in the red zone, especially on second- and third-and-long. Even in the second and third quarter, I know you don’t want to air it out on every play, but when you’re playing without your starting running back, you have to take more chances with the passing game. When Eli is moving the ball, just let him fucking do his thing. I know that a couple of those delayed handoffs were working, but the closer you get to the goal line, the harder it is to get open in the end zone because there’s less space. Eli should have been throwing. And what happened to Brandon Jacobs running like he used to? He was going side-to-side again instead of straight ahead. Even if he doesn’t get a ton of yards, at least he’s beating down the D-line. So frustrating.

So yeah, it was a close game. I thought we were a little bit better, but the real difference was the onsides kick, Weatherford’s bad punt, and Eli’s bad INT. Now we’re probably looking at the 3-seed at best. It sucks, but hey, at least I don’t have to root for Michael Vick.

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