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I’m so sick of all this Giants’ second half collapse bullshit. This team has been hit by so many injuries, the fact that they’re 6-6 right now is an accomplishment. I don’t know why but for the past three seasons, their schedule has been signifianctly harder at the end of the season. It’s not like the falling leaves make Eli Manning wistful for the South while Tom Coughlin suffers from seasonal affective disorder. If anyone needs to be fired, it’s the guy who makes the schedule. We could play a good team in the first half of the season every once in a while. The Giants have had some indefensible no shows over the years but I’m tired of the jokes and calls for bloodshed. Four years ago, they had they greatest run to end the season of ALL-TIME!!! Tom Coughlin is a World Champion coach. He can leave when he wants, not because his shorthanded team lost to the last two Super Bowl Champs. I think the Giants are better than the Cowboys. Now that the team is finally get a little healthy, they can finally start shutting up all the naysayers tonight. Onto the picks!

Stone: Colts

Slumdeezy: Ravens

Rory: Ravens

DP Animal: Colts

Phanatic: Colts
I actually kind of sort of think maybe slash want it to be their week this week.  Or if not I hope they at least beat the spread.

Stone: Texans
The Bengals haven’t had a good game in four weeks.

Slumdeezy: Texans

Rory: Bengals

DP Animal: Bengals

Phanatic: Bengals