Yankees-Tigers ALDS Game 4 Quick Reaction

Posted: October 5, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, Detroit Tigers, MLB, MLB Playoffs, Yankees

Yankees 10, Tigers 1. Series tied 2-2

A.J. for Cy Young!!! As much as his season sucked, he pretty much justified his being on the team with just this one start. I always knew he could do it (with a little help from Grandy of course). What two insane defensive plays. Either ball drops in and the season is possibly fucked. The first one was a nice recovery after starting in the wrong direction, but the second one was just him going all-out and not wanting to go home for the winter. Everyone played great D knowing that they had to have A.J.’s back. That’s a team. It was all clicking. Even A-Rod and Teixeira got hits. Hopefully, the momentum carries over to Game 5. We just need another solid start from the Supernova and to chip away at Fister until the Tigers bullpen hits the mound. Mystique and Aura better pick out some nice outfits because the Stadium is going to be rocking on Thursday. Al Alburquerque, come out and plaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!

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