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This is it! Eminem can’t save Detroit. A government bailout can’t save Detroit. Al Albuquerque can’t save Detroit. Mike Francesa doesn’t even know who he is. This is the Bronx. This is tradition. This is Mystique and Aura. Supernova may be a rook but he’s like Andy Pettitte reincarnate. Doug Fister’s not going to even know what fisted him. The momentum is on the Yankees’ side. All they have to do is deliver.

Yankees 10, Tigers 1. Series tied 2-2

A.J. for Cy Young!!! As much as his season sucked, he pretty much justified his being on the team with just this one start. I always knew he could do it (with a little help from Grandy of course). What two insane defensive plays. Either ball drops in and the season is possibly fucked. The first one was a nice recovery after starting in the wrong direction, but the second one was just him going all-out and not wanting to go home for the winter. Everyone played great D knowing that they had to have A.J.’s back. That’s a team. It was all clicking. Even A-Rod and Teixeira got hits. Hopefully, the momentum carries over to Game 5. We just need another solid start from the Supernova and to chip away at Fister until the Tigers bullpen hits the mound. Mystique and Aura better pick out some nice outfits because the Stadium is going to be rocking on Thursday. Al Alburquerque, come out and plaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!

Tigers 5, Yankees 4. Tigers lead series 2-1

That was a big one. CC didn’t bring his stuff. Neither did Verlander, but he got his shit together. I thought that the ump was squeezing CC and gave Verlander a much bigger strike zone but maybe I’m just bitter. It’s so tough to lose after clawing back to tie the game in the 7th especially on a weak home run like that. The Tigers really made the best of their opportunities. When they get somebody on base, they drive them in. The Yankees seem tight. They need to loosen up, especially A-Rod and Teixeira. They’re getting good wood on the ball and hopefully the hits will start coming. A.J. is next…

Tigers 5, Yankees 3. Series tied 1-1

This was a tough one. Garcia pitched well. Scherzer pitched well. It came down to Cabrera’s cheap home run and Jeter making a bad error. It bothers me that A-Rod is getting booed. The Yanks got like three hits in the first eight innings and he’s banged up. He proved he doesn’t have a problem with the playoffs. Booing isn’t going to help. I really thought they were going to win it at the end. The turning point in the ninth ended up being Andruw Jones’s bullet into right field. If that drops, the Yankees are up 2-0.

So, it’s a best-of-three series now. CC vs. Verlander. You’d have to give CC the nod. He’s used to pitching with short rest. Nothing bothers him. Fuck, he probably just ate like 50 buffalo wings while watching the late football games and he’s still going to be ready to go. If he’s not, it’s A.J. on Tuesday. I’d dare say that Game 3 is a must-win for the Yankees.

Yankees 9, Tigers 3. Yankees lead series 1-0

Robbie Cano, dontcha know!?!?!?!?!! Well, the Yanks won a game that Verlander started. I guess you can’t really complain about the rain delay now. Ivan Nova went out there and did the best he could have done. Part of me was thinking he should have come out earlier so he wouldn’t be gassed if they need him for Game 5, but it’s probably just as well that he saved the bullpen a lot of work. I was pissed Mo came in, but three pitches is nothing. It would not have been good if he actually had to do something. Fister was good, but the lineup did what they always do. They wear opposing pitchers down, and then strike. Cano killed it. He would have had two home runs if the guy in the first row caught the ball that hit the top of the wall. It was like reverse Bartman. Hopefully, Garcia can keep it close and the Yanks take care of Scherzer like they did Fister. Game 1 doesn’t mean anything if the Tigers take Game 2.

Reign Delay

Posted: October 1, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, Detroit Tigers, MLB, MLB Playoffs, Yankees

My head hurts deciding whether the postponement of Game 1 is a good thing. CC was dealing, but ultimately the fact that Verlander only got to pitch an inning has to be an advantage. The Yanks really worked him in that inning, though. I wonder if he would have recovered later in the game? I guess we’ll never know. Fister isn’t exactly a slouch either. At the same time, as much as you don’t want to see Verlander, you don’t want to win the lucky way. You want to face the best the other team has to offer and kick their ass.

CC is a beast and will be fine going in Game 3, but Verlander isn’t a short rest guy. The question now is who’s going to pitch in Game 4 for the Yankees. Looks like it might be some sort of A.J. Burnett-Phil Hughes combo. Let’s hope it doesn’t get that far.

The Toilet Series

Posted: September 30, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, Detroit Tigers, MLB, MLB Playoffs, Yankees

I hate these best-of-five series. One weird game and the entire season could go down the toilet. The Yanks only won two more games than the Tigers. How is five games enough to determine which is the superior team? As you can tell, I’m a little nervous. I think this series could go either way. Facing Verlander twice is scary. He can win this series all by himself. For that reason, Game 1 is going to have more importance than usual.

In the end, that’s probably what everything is going to come down to: whether the Yanks can get a win off Verlander. He’s great but the Yankee lineup is deeper than ever. They’re going to have to take advantage of every opportunity and make Verlander work in every at-bat to get him out of the game as soon as possible. That’s the Yankees’ specialty. And if anyone can keep up with Verlander, CC can. As good as Verlander pitched this year, he’s still not as dangerous as Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee but you don’t want to face any shutdown pitcher in the first round.

I feel pretty comfortable with Nova going in Game 2 but Freddy Garcia is going to be an adventure. It’s a shame that Phil Hughes never got it going this year. Using Posada as DH is questionable as well but Girardi can’t be afraid to switch him out if he struggles. The Bombers have the experience, but in the playoffs, pitching is king.

Prediction: Yankees in 4