Throwback: The Natural

Posted: October 19, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, The Natural, Throwback, videos

Love or hate baseball, I dare anyone to watch the last scene in The Natural and not get goosebumps. Not possible. It definitely gets the best Dramatic Baseball Movie Award from me. Face it, Field of Dreams is too sappy.

The World Series starts tonight and I honestly couldn’t care less. One team flew under-the-radar all season while the other wasn’t even supposed to be here. Besides Pujols and Josh Hamilton (and Nolan Ryan), are there any personalities that anyone cares about? The Cards just won the World Series and I don’t even know if the Rangers have fans. They only care about football in Dallas anyway and the Mavs had a parade a few months ago. There’s no way I’m staying up till 2AM to watch these games. Maybe if  a freak like Brian Wilson was involved like last year.

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