Yankees Universe Kills Khadafy

Posted: October 20, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, Khadafy, MLB, Yankees

Everyone knows that Yankee fans are the most dominant force in the world. Well, today Moammar Khadafy found out the hard way. The deposed ruler of Libya was shot and killed in his hometown of Sirte by a young fighter in his 20’s. What was that fighter wearing? That’s right, a Yankees cap. It’s too bad A.J. Burnett wasn’t there to give this guy some pie. No seriously, I wish A.J. Burnett was in Libya. If we can’t win the World Series, at least we can take out one of the biggest killers the world has known. Simply put, the Yanks run shit from the Bronx to Tripoli. The freedom fighter wearing the Red Sox cap was apparently eating fried lamb and smoking hookah back in the bunker.

This one’s for you, Colonel.


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