All About the Hat

Posted: October 20, 2011 by Keith Stone in hockey, NHL, Rangers

After shutting out the Canucks 4-0 on Tuesday, Henrik Lundqvist made like Don Draper in his postgame interview and rocked a fedora. It’s not just any fedora, however. Someone bought it while the Rangers were in Europe and it’s become part of the Rangers’ postgame tradition. The Broadway Hat, as it’s called, will be worn by a player after each win, presumably the player that has the most to contribute to that win. I love it. There’s nothing better in sports than gimmicks. The gold thong the Yankees used to pass around. The ’99 Knicks doing the LJ. Fried chicken, beer, and choking down the stretch for the Red Sox. Henrik has already stated that his goal is to wear the Broadway Hat after every game. Hey, if winning the Stanley Cup is too far down the road to be a serious goal, then winning he Broadway Hat will do.

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