Oh, That Steinbrenner

Posted: October 27, 2011 by Keith Stone in baseball, George Steinbrenner, MLB, Yankees

If you have a little bit of downtime or are going to be on the can for awhile, Deadspin published the interesting story of gambler Howie Spira, who got George Steinbrenner banned from baseball for life in 1990 for agreeing to give him dirt on Dave Winfield. It’s definitely worth a read. Here’s my favorite part:

From his room in the Bay Harbor Inn, Howie could see the lights of the city sparkling. Steinbrenner owned the hotel, which was near the offices of the American Ship Building Company, the business Steinbrenner inherited from his father and would shepherd into bankruptcy in 1993. Howie was scheduled to meet the Yankees owner at the AmShip offices the following afternoon. He didn’t expect to hear a knock at his door. Not at this hour. But someone was knocking.

Howie opened the door. This is how he told the story: In the hallway was a stunning woman in a miniskirt, haltertop, and thigh-high stiletto boots. She handed Howie her card: Donna, International Hostesses.

“I’m a gift from Mr. Steinbrenner,” she said. “I’m here to fuck you and suck the cum out of your cock.”

The next day, Howie strolled into Steinbrenner’s office. “Was last night OK?” Steinbrenner asked. His manner was winking, as it would be in such a scene. Howie, the protagonist, responded with a grin and a double thumbs-up.


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