Survey Says Chris Paul Is An Idiot

Posted: November 6, 2011 by Keith Stone in basketball, game shows, NBA, NBA lockout, New Orleans Hornets, The Feud

You wouldn’t think twice about this Family Feud matchup between the Paul family and the O’Hara family. That is until Paul family captain, Chris, comes out to start the festivities. Yes, NBA All-Star Chris Paul is spending his lockout time by appearing on the Feud. And I’m sure the producers made the Paul family go through the rigorous screening procedures that all contestants go through as well. When I was a kid, my two dreams were to play in the NBA and appear on a game show. Chris Paul has stolen my dreams. If he ever shows up on Double Dare, I’ll kill him.

Much like his time in New Orleans, Paul was eliminated before winning anything substantial. Come on, Chris! You don’t want anyone to see your wallet? Who do you think we are? Groupies? If you can’t handle the O’Haras, how are you going to handle the pressures of playing in New York?

I’m all for seeing locked out NBA players on game shows. Better than working at a furniture store. Let’s get Queen James on the new edition of Fear Factor. He’d probably start crying if he had to eat a cockroach. Steve Harvey was onto something here. The only problem is you need NBA players to go head-to-head against one another. Can we see what the Pachulia family is up to? We going to Fast Money, Fast Money, FAST MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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