Pimp Cop!

Posted: January 24, 2012 by Keith Stone in crime and punishment
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Looks like being a cop doesn’t pay the way it used to. New York City cop Monty Green has been charged with pimping out women by the NYPD after his name surfaced in connection with illegal activity. While prosecutors don’t have enough evidence to charge him of any crimes because his hookers are too scared to speak (he must be a good pimp), he is scheduled to meet with the police on February 14th to discuss the charges and whether or not he should hold onto his badge. The NYPD is really screwing with him by meeting on Valentine’s Day. It has to be his busiest day of the year.

Gotta give Monty credit for trying to eek out a living during the recession. If I had any money, I’d sign him for a TV holding deal right now. Don’t you think his story is the one thing that can bring NBC out of last place? I can see it now. Samuel L. Jackson will star as Pimp Cop with Kevin Hart as his best friend and assistant pimp and Meagan Good as a ho with a heart of gold. “Pimp Cop coming this fall on NBC Thursday after The Office.” Ratings!!!! Either that, or I’m sure some lame cable channel like A&E or Bravo can have him star in a reality show.

NY Daily News

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