Party Like It’s 2007?

Posted: January 27, 2012 by Keith Stone in NFL
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Katie Baker of Grantland does a great job writing about the pulse of the New York sports fan. She hit the nail on the head again in comparing the 2011 Giants with the 2007 version that won Super Bowl XLII. As awesome as this whole season has been, it does feel like the stakes are higher. The four years before Super Bowls feel like a lot longer, even greater than the gap between the unfortunate XXXV and XLII.  With the rise of the Saints and Packers, getting to the Super Bowl feels like even a bigger feat than 2007 with way more to lose. Fortunately, this year’s team is way more skilled at offense but with one bad bounce or one bad call, none of that might matter. Come next Sunday, we’ll see if the wait was worth it and if this playoff run, as incredible as it seems, is greater than the one that saw the demise of the only 18-0 team in history.

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