WEEK 87 – Eye of the Tiger

Posted: February 5, 2012 by Keith Stone in football, NFL
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“See that look in their eyes, Rock? You gotta get that look back.”

Back in 2008, I imagined the Giants’ season as Rocky III. It was based mainly on the fact that they stunned what seemed like an impossible opponent the year before. 2007 was Rocky II. Makes sense. In 2009, they would surely beat the Moscow Bolsheviks and their notorious quarterback Ivan Drago.

None of the parallels really hit, though. The team started 11-1, running roughshod over the NFL. Weren’t they supposed to get overconfident and lose their swagger, only to find that hunger and emerge on top? Wait a minute…

Then Plaxico shot himself. It was the Mickey dying moment. He was such a core part of the team, they couldn’t survive without him. The Giants stumbled through the 2009 and 2010 seasons, halfheartedly making an attempt to reclaim the Title. Other teams like the Saints and the Packers wanted it more.

Eventually, something changed. Whether it was the renewed commitment amid the fallout from the DeSean Jackson game or simply the re-stocking of the wide receiver corps with Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz, the Giants look stronger than ever and ready to take on anyone that will get in their way for a second Championship. It wasn’t easy and by no means complete. But the players on this team have that look in their eyes, from the young guys to the veterans. Now all they have to do is finish.

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