Cowgirls and Deadskins Lose Cap Space Because of Rule That Didn’t Exist

Posted: March 13, 2012 by Keith Stone in football, NFL
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I love Commissioner Goodell. He must have balls the size of a head of lettuce. Dude does whatever the fuck he wants. Hit too hard? Fined. Possible fight at a bar? Fined. Offensive tweet? Fined. His latest move is the best. He reduced the amount of money the Cowboys and Redskins could spend against the salary cap a combined $46 million for abusing the uncapped 2010 year. Specifically, Dallas has $10 million less to spend while Washington has a whopping $36 million less, however, the charges can be split for the next two seasons. Again, the 2010 season had no salary cap so theoretically teams could pay players as much as they wanted. For instance, Miles Austin got a ridiculous $17 million that season but only made $8.5 last year. You can see how it circumvented the cap in the second year.

I have no idea how the salary cap works so I’m not going to pretend to explain any more, but this is hilarious especially because the two teams are perhaps the most heinous in the NFL. Can you imagine how pissed Dan Snyder is right now? He just traded everything and the kitchen sink for RG3 but now has no money to sign anybody to play with him. If I was a billionaire prick like Snyder or Jerry Jones, of course I’d be going nuts during the uncapped year. The point of an uncapped year is to spend money. But now the Commish says they spent too much, and it’s time to pay up. Imagine getting busted for something you did in the past. Hey, did you drive while chatting on a cell phone in 2003? Better not let the Commish find out.


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