Six-Pack Challenge WEEK 12 – Don’t Overthink It

Posted: November 25, 2012 by Keith Stone in football, NFL
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I don’t know whether it’s increasing parity, the loss of home-field advantage, or just the end of the world, but I really don’t have a grip on this season at all, highlighted by my awful Pats-Colts pick last week. I can’t imagine that anybody does. How many teams have we seen look like they have things figured out only to fuck it up at some point? I can think of the Cardinals, Giants, Bears, Ravens, Chargers, and Steelers right off the top of my head. And it’s not like traditionally strong teams like the Patriots and Packers have been world beaters either. The Texans and Falcons have the best records but have hardly been impressive.

There’s about 10 teams that could legitimately make the Super Bowl. In WEEK 12, that’s crazy and it doesn’t bode well when trying to make picks. So instead of trying to find a rhyme or reason for anything, I looked at the matchups and picked the first team that came into my head. That’s right. These picks were made with pure instinct. It’s how the cavemen survived and it’s how I hopefully hold off the suddenly creeping competitors of the Six-Pack Challenge. It’s time to go back to basics…

Stone: Colts
Who would have thought that this game would have huge playoff implications?

Slumdeezy: Colts

DRK: Colts

Rory: Colts
I’m still a believer in Luck, even after that epic beatdown.

DP Animal: Colts

Phanatic: Colts

Stone: Falcons
The Falcons have to be the weakest 9-1 team in history.

Slumdeezy: Buccaneers

DRK: Falcons

Rory: Buccaneers

DP Animal: Falcons
I expect the offense to get back on track, if for no other reason than that Matt Ryan can’t keep throwing five interceptions a game.

Phanatic: Falcons
I’m surprised this line isn’t larger.

Stone: Dolphins
Let me know when the Hawks are back in Seattle.

Slumdeezy: Seahawks

DRK: Seahawks

Rory: Seahawks

DP Animal: Seahawks
This is the kind of game that will give us Seahawks fans a sense for just how good this team is. Normally, Seattle is terrible in early games on the East Coast, and the Dolphins are just good enough that they could cause problems. That said, this is the best Seahawks team since 2005, and what the hell, I believe!

Phanatic: Dolphins

Stone: Ravens
These two teams have a lot to prove.

Slumdeezy: Ravens

DRK: Ravens

Rory: Ravens
Seriously?  Chargers suck.

DP Animal: Ravens
I’ll take my chances against Norval.

Phanatic: Ravens

Stone: Rams
Sorry, Rory’s girlfriend.

Slumdeezy: Cardinals

DRK: Cardinals

Rory: Cardinals
I swear, Keith keeps putting in Cardinals games to ruin my picks record.

DP Animal: Rams

Phanatic: Cardinals
Beanie Wells is the difference maker.

Stone: Giants
Hopefully, the BYE week did the Champs a ton of good.

Slumdeezy: Giants

DRK: Giants

Rory: Packers
I think my Giants aren’t going to be happy this week.

DP Animal: Giants
As good as Aaron Rodgers is, his shaky offensive line and depleted wide receiver corps will let him down.

Phanatic: Packers
Gmen can’t keep up in a potential shootout.

Stone: 38-28 (Last week: 3-3)
Rory: 35-31 (4-2)
DP Animal: 34-32 (3-3)
Slumdeezy: 34-32 (5-1)
Phanatic: 32-34 (4-2)
DRK: 30-36 (4-2)

Last week’s picks

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