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When the Giants won the 2007 NFC Title, I was so excited I jumped on top of a table in my apartment. I’m possibly the least athletic person alive so there was serious threat of injury. I could have hurt my knee or faceplanted but I was so excited I didn’t care. I like to think it was the same situation when a 21-year-old guy in Detroit was killed when he ran in front of a bus after the Lions clinched their first playoff spot in 12 years with their 38-10 win over the Chargers on Sunday.

I don’t want to make light of anyone’s death but that’s some way to go out, huh? You know the Lions were bad when their fans are so excited about making the playoffs that they’re completely disregarding their own safety. Personally, I would have waited until they advanced to the second round before I ran in front of a bus, though. Unless it was the Booty Bus.

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Booty Bus!

Posted: September 30, 2011 by Keith Stone in Detroit Rock City, strippers

I hate to kick a city while it’s down (except Boston) but this week is an exception for Detroit. Motor City is so dirty they actually have a bus called the Booty Lounge that operates as a strip club for tailgaters at Lions games. Wait a minute, actually that’s awesome. Unfortunately, the police are investigating the legality of the Booty Lounge, while some officers are under fire for taking pictures with strippers while “investigating.” The bus is outfitted with two stages, stripper poles, and a smoke machine, and customers hand over a suggested donation of $10 before going in. See, the Booty Lounge is classy. The only other place I’ve seen with a suggested donation is a museum.

The Booty Lounge is a microcosm for the decline in Detroit. In this situation, you have some brilliant entrepreneurs bringing economic development to the area, and the cops want to shut them down. This is the greatest automotive innovation since Henry Ford, maybe even greater. If Ford was stopped as his business was beginning, Detroit wouldn’t even exist. The Booty Lounge must live on. In fact, put these guys in charge of GM. The economic fate of Detroit rests on it.

And while we’re at it, can we maybe get a Booty Bus movie starring Snoop Dogg and Cedric the Entertainer as down-on-their-luck buddies who take their failing strip club mobile and become millionaires? Gabrielle Union and Meagan Good could play strippers. I would watch this.

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