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A new book came out yesterday called Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life With John F. Kennedy, in which the former first lady shares her innermost thoughts from a never-before-heard interview in 1964. And boy, does she have a lot to say. She worries about “emotional” women getting into politics (and hooking up with college basketball players?) and disses everyone from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Lyndon Johnson.

Apparently, Jackie and MLK had a bigger beef than Biggie and Tupac stemming from the King making comments about JFK’s funeral that Jackie heard on a government wiretap. Among others, Jackie also called Charles de Gaulle an “egomaniac” and “spiteful man” and Indira Gandhi a “horrible woman.” She saved her worst for Adlai Stevenson by saying, “I always thought women who were scared of sex loved Adlai.” Come on, Jackie! Adlai doesn’t deserve that, whoever he is. It’s not like women who loved sex loved JFK. Oh, wait.

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