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World’s Highest Basketball Shot

Posted: June 8, 2011 by Keith Stone in Australia, basketball, records

Some Australian dude hit a shot from on top of a light tower to a hoop over 200 feet below on a cricket field. It’s pretty insane although he didn’t really need to throw the ball that hard. Also, I’m not sure why exactly our hero needed so many people helping him out. I wonder how far down a professional shooter like Dirk Nowitzki could hit a shot? Dirk could probably hit a shot from the top of whatever the tallest building in Germany is. If the whole championship thing doesn’t work out for him, at least he could spend the summer working on that.

>Man Attempts To Run Through 17 Panes of Glass, Fails

Posted: February 24, 2011 by Keith Stone in records, ridiculous


This is a true Cinderella story. Reuben de Jong is trying the break his own (I REPEAT, HIS OWN!) world record by running through 17 panes of glass on some sort of bizarre Asian show. It did not go well.

What’s worse: the embarrassment or the sore neck? Gotta give him credit, though. I probably would have quit after the first six head butts. He really should have known that Asians love pulling this crazy stuff on TV.