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Spermbike Revolutionizing Transport of Semen

Posted: November 11, 2011 by Keith Stone in medicine, Seattle, traveling

If you want to want to help out those who need a little assistance having a baby, but are too lazy to go down to the fertility clinic, you’re in luck! The Seattle Sperm Bank has developed a bike that can hold 30 semen samples in a special vacuum container cooled by liquid nitrogen. Also, it looks like a sperm.  Spokesman Gary Olsem claims it helps awareness for the need of sperm donations.

There’s already a Spermbike in Copenhagen but I’d like to see more because what we really need on the roads are more Spermbikes. When I asked our resident Seattle native DP Animal about it, he noted that he was happy that Shawn Kemp was keeping busy during retirement. Something has to pay for his donuts.

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