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Yepppppppppppp. Look, you have three options here:

A. Shoot a 3 and end the All-Star Game in the most badass way possible. If you miss, who cares? It’s the All-Star Game.

B. Drive to the basket. You probably can get a decent shot or get fouled, although you might get killed by your fellow players for allowing the game to go on any longer.

C. Pass the ball into traffic. This will not only reemphasize all the criticisms you’ve heard all year, but is a really bad play strategically. How is it that a guy like Jeremy Lin who’s played in like 15 games has the cojones to take a game-winning shot when all the attention is on him but the Queen passes like the puss that he is? It’s an exhibition game. Be a man and take control. It’s like Coach Jimmy McGinty says, “Winners want the ball in their hands when the game is on the line.” Not a surprise LeBron passed it.