I’m Down With JPP

Posted: August 14, 2011 by Keith Stone in football, Giants, JPP, NFL

It’s not prudent to take too much out of the first preseason game, but Jason Pierre-Paul was off-the-hook against the Panthers. Two sacks, seven tackles, and a ton of pressure on the QB. Sure, it was only the preseason and it was the Panthers but if JPP really steps it up this season, the Giants’ D-Line is going to be better than ever.

The kid was a little lost in the beginning of last year but turned it on at the end. It was one of the underrated stories of 2010. Plus, now Osi knows he’s going to have to kick it into high gear and work even harder to keep his starting job. A little competition is good for everybody. Who cares if the Giants lost out on Plax, Smith, and Boss? They have three beasts who are going to attack the quarterback. Michael Vick is going to be running like a dog. It doesn’t matter how many cornerbacks get injured during training camp. I could play in the secondary with a can of PBR in my hand and the Three-Headed Monster would take care of everything. One gets tired, the next one comes in. Kinda like me with the ladies on a Saturday night.

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