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Brandon Jacobs, you just won the Super Bowl. What are you going to do next? I’m going to a TV taping of TNA Impact Wrestling!

All Brandon Jacobs wanted to do was watch his buddy James Storm in action and have a cold celebration beer after a big win. But after Bully Ray stole his brew and spit it in Jacobs’s face, it was like Super Bowl XLVI all over again as the big man threw Bully Ray to the ground like he was a Patriots linebacker. It’s just a shame D’Lo Brown did such a fantastic job holding Jacobs back or someone may have been killed. Now it appears that following in the long tradition of New York Giants entering the wrestling ring (I’ll never forget the time Y.A. Tittle fought Killer Kowalski), Brandon Jacobs is going to get a shot at Bully Ray for real. Better brush up on those mike skills before then. Now let’s get some more beers.