>Jabroni of the Week: Reggie Miller

Posted: January 28, 2011 by Keith Stone in Uncategorized


Madison Square Garden’s #1 enemy is opening his big mouth again.    Reggie Miller, who when last I checked is an announcer and should be an objective observer, is telling Queen James to “be the best villain you can be” at the Garden.  It’s a good thing the Queen is such a coward and missed almost all his shots against The Greatest Fans In the World.  We’ve have had to endure Reggie’s constant jabbering throughout the years, eight points in 8.9 seconds, and underhanded insults on TV during our lean years.  Now he’s advising our opponents on how to get under our skin?  Reggie, you retired.  You won the same amount of titles as us.  Leave it be.  I just don’t get why Reggie Miller hates New York so much.  Did some girl from the East Village break his heart as UCLA?  Is that why he has a tattoo around his belly button, possibly the worst tattoo of all time?  If you want to help somebody out, help the Pacers.  They’re a mess.  You crushed our hearts so many times before.  Stay out of our business or I’ll headbutt you John Starks-style, jabroni.

NY Daily News

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