Posted: February 2, 2011 by Keith Stone in Uncategorized


Charlie Sheen will reportedly be undergoing rehab from home for the next three months after a two-day cocaine binge involving several porn actresses and a briefcase full of cocaine that only ended when he was hospitalized for a hernia.  That’s a mouthful.  I’ve made fun of Charlie before but this is way out of control.  Although the former Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn is indestructible, you never want to see anyone get hurt.  Plus, the guy has kids (two with Denise Richards!) and an entire TV crew whose paychecks his presence is dependent on.  What I’m proposing is a moratorium on all Charlie Sheen jokes until he’s back up and running.  He’s a talented fucking actor that’s been in some all-time greats.  Major League, Wall Street, Platoon, Hot Shots, Ferris Bueller.  Even Two and a Half Men isn’t bad.  I’m not saying I ever want Charlie totally clean, just not to the point where he needs constant medical attention.  When you hear that he doesn’t have any teeth anymore because of his coke use, it’s not funny anymore.  So good luck with rehab, Chaz, and when you’re living up in Beverly Hills with your porn family in a couple months, make sure to invite me up sometime.

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