Six-Pack Challenge WEEK 10 – The Greatest Streak Evah!

Posted: November 11, 2012 by Keith Stone in football, NFL
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If you’ve watched a Saints game recently, you know that Drew Brees has the record for the most consecutive games with a touchdown. It’s a nice stat for an exceptional quarterback, but that’s all it is. A stat. I know it was a record that stood for a long time and he beat out Johnny Unitas for it, but I swear if I hear one more announcer make it sound like it’s some sort of magical accomplishment up there with Favre’s all-time TD record or Cal Ripken’s streak, I’m gonna smack a brother up. The goal of football is winning games, whether you score points through the air or on the ground. Unlike baseball, where except in certain circumstances hitting a home run is the ultimate outcome of any play, football is totally different.

Brees’s record is like the NBA record for most consecutive games with a 3-pointer. You know who holds that record? Dana Barros. Hardly memorable. The fact that the NFL allowed the Bountygate crew to attend the record-breaking game is laughable. I hope Brandon Weeden breaks the record and only has his streak stopped when he can’t find a team to sign with and goes to play in Canada. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to set the new mark for the most consecutive weeks with a correct pick. It’s that time again…

Stone: Buccaneers
I would’ve taken any other team besides the Chargers against the Bucs this week.

Slumdeezy: Chargers

DRK: Chargers

Rory: Buccaneers
Yar! Pirates!

DP Animal: Buccaneers
The worst thing about this year’s Chargers is that they’re boring. Even when they were underachieving in previous seasons, they were somewhat interesting. No more.

Phanatic: Buccaneers
This game could so go in a million different directions so I’m going home field advantage.

Stone: Saints
Forget the TD streak. Drew Brees’s best work this year has been in his Pepsi commercial with One Direction.

Slumdeezy: Falcons

DRK: Saints

Rory: Falcons
Seems a little low, but you never know with these two teams.

DP Animal: Falcons
While it figures that Atlanta will lose at least a game or two this season, and while this seems like a reasonable spot to expect that, the New Orleans defense is just so bad.

Phanatic: Falcons
Since they have the “pedigree” to go 19-0.

Stone: Seahawks
The refs should throw a flag on the 12th man in this one.

Slumdeezy: Seahawks
The opposite of Ivan Drago when they have home field advantage.

DRK: Jets

Rory: Jets
Seattle has a bye next week, so I’m still sticking with the “teams don’t cover before a bye week” theory.

DP Animal: Seahawks
Don’t look now, but Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense are improving rapidly.

Phanatic: Seahawks
Russell Wilson is too goo right now and the Jets are too bad.

Stone: Eagles
Can’t wait to see how Jason Garrett screws this one up.

Slumdeezy: Eagles

DRK: Eagles

Rory: Cowboys
Go meteorite!

DP Animal: Cowboys
The freefall continues for Philly.

Phanatic: Eagles
I hope I got 5-1 again because of this damn game.

RAMS AT 49ERS (-11.5)
Stone: Rams
Take the points.

Slumdeezy: 49ers

DRK: Rams

Rory: Rams
But I don’t feel good about this pick.

DP Animal: 49ers

Phanatic: 49ers
Both teams coming off a bye week but SF also at home and with a big win in week 8.

Stone: Bears
Defense wins Championships.

Slumdeezy: Bears

DRK: Texans

Rory: Texans
Should be a fantastic game.

DP Animal: Bears
When in doubt, take the home team.

Phanatic: Bears

Stone: 31-23 (Last week: 4-2)
DP Animal: 28-26 (3-3)
Slumdeezy: 28-26 (4-2)
Rory: 27-27 (4-2)
Phanatic: 26-28 (5-1)
DRK: 23-31 (4-2)

Last week’s picks

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