>Wrestlemania XXVII Reaction

Posted: April 4, 2011 by Keith Stone in Wrestlemania, WWF


Finally, the Rock came back to Wrestlemania…and it wasn’t that great. The Rock himself was good. I enjoyed his intro and subsequent promos. I guess I was just expecting more. I wanted Rock overdose and I only got a hit, not counting his presence in the main event.

The undercard was up-and-down. I liked the Edge/Del Rio match but it was a little too short and never gained momentum. Mysterio/Rhodes and Punk/Orton were good matches with cool moves but I really didn’t care about either of them. Oh no, Cody Rhodes thinks he’s disfigured. Who cares? The eight-man tag was lame and lasted about 12 seconds. What a waste. The show must have been running long and the Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan match never took place, which I was looking forward to.

Unfortunately, instead of that matchup, we were treated to Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler which went waaaaaaaaaay to long. Sure, it was nice to see the King put Cole into an ankle lock, but it was such a slow paced match. Couldn’t this have been on a Raw? Luckily, with Cole out commission, we got a JR-King reunion, which was one of the highlights of the show.

I was actually really impressed by Snooki (and Trish Stratus’s ass). It was another short match but it was legit. I was proud of Snooks with the finishing move.

Undertaker/Triple H was the match of the night. I liked that they went outside the ring and neither could finish the other off. Just when it seemed like H might end the streak, the Undertaker stole the win. It was the rare match in which the ending was in question.

And then there was The Miz vs. John Cena. It was a decent if unspectacular match and you knew the Rock would be involved somehow. It was just disappointing that the Rock played such a large role. You know he’s going to affect the match, but I didn’t want him to win it for the Miz. Then, for good measure, he lays the Miz out. Yeah, it was awesome but what was the point? Why would you want your champion and #1 attraction to get beat down by a guy who hasn’t wrestled in seven years on your biggest stage? There was no closure. A good Wrestlemania should have finality and tie up all the loose ends in a storyline that has been building for months. This one did not.

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