>The Continental Stalking New Jersey Coeds

Posted: April 7, 2011 by Keith Stone in chicks, crime and punishment


Tony Kadyhrob is a ladies’ man. He’s charming. He has a car with racing stripes. It’s almost like Katy Perry wrote Teenage Dream about him. There’s only one problem. Kadyhrob was banned from going to any school property in New Jersey after trying to pull a female student into his car at Rider University. After being arrested at Rider, he showed up cruising for chicks three days later at the College of New Jersey. He’s also been spotted at Princeton and Rutgers. This guy just likes college girls. Of his troubles, Kadyhrob says, “Tony Kadyhrob is not intimidated by this joke, a little nothing that never occurred and I will be found innocent without a doubt.” He even speaks in the third person. How does this guy not already have a hot sorority girl to share a bottle of champagna with?


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