>Red Sox & Queen James Go 0-6

Posted: April 8, 2011 by Keith Stone in BOSTON SUCKS, Queen James, Sox


Noted Yankees fan and traitor, LeBron James, curiously announced a marketing and sponsorship deal with the Fenway Sports Marketing, sister company of the BoSox, which includes ownership in the English soccer team Liverpool FC. Of the deal Queen James said, “It’s strictly business…It’s very humbling.” As if the Red Sox couldn’t raise their douchebaggery factor anymore, this pushes them over the top. I have so many questions. Does this mean fat chicks in Boston are going to be able to pick up pink LeBron jerseys at Fenway? Why can’t LeBron stop backstabbing everybody? Aren’t the Celtics and Heat huge rivals? Why do the Red Sox own a soccer team? Luckily, Queen James’s affiliation with the Red Sox has resulted so far in a Heat loss and the continuation of the pesky six-game season-starting losing streak for the Sox. Looks like it’s a perfect match.


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