Give Me A Break

Posted: May 4, 2011 by Keith Stone in Barcelona, Champions League, Real Madrid, soccer

Here’s another Rodave special about something called soccer:

As an American who has been able to find time to incorporate soccer into my viewing portfolio, the Real Madrid v. Barcelona Champions League showdown was a true disappointment. Yes, I do find myself supporting Real, which makes the outcome worse. The Beautiful Game can be sloppy, but this clash between behemoths of the competitive club soccer world was a underwhelming as the Super Bowl in the 90’s.

The flopping was at an all-time high.  You know it’s bad when it even distracts you from Lionel Messi’s greatness.  For a fan who encourages his fellow countryman to get into soccer, the display was embarrassing.  At least when the Dutch decided to play ugly soccer at the World Cup Final last year, they actually got physical with the Spaniards.  With Barca and Real, however, the Spanish sides only feigned physicality.

On the bright side, my campus cable doesn’t broadcast FX (home of the Champions League semifinals) in HD, so at least I didn’t miss much.

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