Dad Waves At Son’s School Bus In 179 Different Costumes

Posted: June 15, 2011 by Keith Stone in school, the kids

On the first day of school in American Fork, Utah, Dale Price waved goodbye to his son Rain (great name) on the school bus. Rain was a bitch about it as all 16-year-olds are, so Dale decided to kick it up a notch and wore a different costume to greet the bus everyday for the rest of the school year. He was Wonder Woman, a mermaid, a pirate (which works out since he has a prosthetic leg), and a football player to name a few.

This may be the coolest story I’ve seen all year. Yeah, it really sucks for the kid considering his dad is unemployed and dressing like a chick and all, but how great is this if you’re on that bus? I’m not a morning person and always hated going to school. If I was on the bus, I’d be ready like an hour early each day frothing at the mouth in anticipation of which costume the weird guy is going to wear. An astronaut? A dinosaur? Marilyn Monroe? The only problem is that the best part of everyday would be over at like 8 in the morning and the rest of the day would suck in comparison. I just hope Rain never gets his driver’s license.


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