You Stay Classy, Philadelphia

Posted: June 19, 2011 by Keith Stone in Eagles, LeSean McCoy, Phillies, Philly sucks

It was another banner week for Philadelphia. The Phillie Phanatic tried to get this young lady to flash the crowd. When she didn’t, he put his snout down her throat. That’s assault, brotha. Apparently, it’s also the go-to move for guys in the Philadelphia area. Just watch what hole you put it in. Right, Kobe?

Then, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy decided to give his input on the Osi Umenyiora deposition. Of Osi, he tweeted, “Overrated n soft 3rd best d-line on his team honestly.” First of all, great grammar. Secondly, mind your own fucking business. If anything, hopefully this gets Osi in the mood to crush some Eagles next season (in a Giants uniform of course).

Luckily for us, some intrepid Asians summed everything up in a completely factual way that even a peon from Philadelphia could understand. That’s what they think of you in Asia, Philadelphia. Fat guys who vomit everywhere. And they’re right.

Deadspin; ESPN

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