No Skanks Allowed In Riker’s Island

Posted: June 21, 2011 by Keith Stone in crime and punishment, Riker's Island, U!S!A!

Riker’s Island has instituted a new dress code for visitors due to an overabundance of tits and ass. Instead of normal hoochie gear, guests may be asked to wear giant smocks to cover up and promote a more family-friendly environment. There’s nothing more family-friendly than spending time with rapists and robbers. Most of these guys aren’t getting any action besides the gimpy guy in the cell across the way, why not let them see a little skin? Ja Rule has had a tough couple of years anyway. This is insult to injury.

I’m sure there’s better things that money could be spent on than smocks when Tawny comes to visit. Maybe spend more on kids so they don’t turn into criminals. The Eight Ammendment of the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment and that is exactly what is taking place here. It is every man’s inalienable right to see their woman’s boobies jiggle. So if Roxxy comes to visit and her thong is hanging out, don’t make her put on a smock. It’s the American way.


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